E-commerce logistics startup ShipBob expands into Dallas region with new warehouse

E-commerce fulfillment startup ShipBob announced the opening of its newest warehouse in Dallas, the company’s first in the Southern United States, and the first since announcing a Series B investment of US$17.5 million, led by investment firm Bain Capital Ventures.

ShipBob CEO Dhruv Saxena said that, “with so many e-commerce companies in the region, we’re now in the perfect position to help these companies grow their businesses by providing the highest quality shipping and logistics in the Southern region.” The Dallas location will offer regional customers same-day shipping, advancing ShipBob’s strategy of distributed inventory, which the company describes as, “a method of providing customers with diversified locations to reduce shipping costs, times and distance.”

Saxena called his company a “tech-enabled 3PL,” which offers a range of services, from order management and fulfillment to data analytics and reverse logistics for returns. Companies such as ShipBob offer a competing e-commerce logistics platform to giants like Amazon.com.

At this month’s ELEVATE conference in Miami, Saxena said on Oct. 2 that competing with the big players means promising the same- or next-day delivery that the big integrators offer, which means “having real-time access to inventories” across all its sales channels.

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