Apex reduces retailer lead times and costs, increasing air charters by 225%

Apex reduces retailer lead times and costs—increasing air charters by 225%

Apex Logistics International increased total air charters by 225% last year to support businesses navigating unprecedented pandemic costs—catapulting from 500 flights in 2019 to over 1200 charters in 2020. The Year over Year growth is a trend that experts see continuing into 2024 when the charter industry is projected to top $33 billion, a 30% increase from 2019.

Why air charters are soaring?

In 2020, eCommerce sales jumped by 30% as consumers who followed stay-at-home orders and social-distancing measures looked for convenient and reliable online shopping options with faster delivery times. Prioritizing accessibility, ease and well-being, the demand among consumers exploded for expedited shipping options, including second-day, overnight and even same-day deliveries. Consumers have been willing to pay more in order to receive essential items swiftly and safely; and shorter lead times—not brand names—are determining customer loyalty. Experts see the shift in shopping habits running deeper than a trend and more towards a fundamental change in the way people make purchases with a lasting social and psychological impact on shoppers.

The large increase in air charters has enabled retailers to achieve faster deliveries with shorter lead times in the most competitive and disrupted markets in modern history. Retailers have also had to pivot and ensure the online shopping experience for their customers is seamless and highly integrative to deliver a consistent and reliable digital experience across all platforms.

Another vital component of business and customer retention involves sustainability—research shows that nearly 90% of Americans would buy products from companies who support social and environmental responsibility. Through eCommerce dedicated charter flights, we can see a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions, considering the majority of emissions are produced at engine start and take-off. This is a mission-critical factor for retailers working to reduce their carbon footprint while pinpointing smarter, sustainable routes to their customers.

How it’s helping retailers?

For Apex, the move to increase dedicated charters has supported retailers with flights that allow for faster recovery at the destination without terminal delay issues—making gains in accelerating fulfillment for a positive customer experience while meeting increased consumer expectations in an on-demand delivery culture with reliable dedicated charters.

In these times of turbulence and uncertainty, Apex has proven to develop and implement strategic solutions to exceed customer expectations and deliver with passion.

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