Emirates adds AOG product for urgent aircraft part transport

Emirates SkyCargo is adding a new airfreight product to its catalog with the launch of Emirates AOG for priority transport of aircraft parts.

With service to 141 destinations in 75 countries, Dubai-based Emirates is well aware of the importance of quickly resolving Aircraft on Ground (AOG) maintenance issues which prevent aircraft from flying. In many cases, AOG issues require a part that is not available locally. SkyCargo’s AOG product minimizes transport time by matching parts to the quickest possible flight connections. To accommodate the urgent nature of such shipments, Emirates AOG also includes such features as late cut-off times for cargo acceptance, expedited delivery once the cargo reaches its destination, and tracking visibility during transportation.

As part of Emirates AOG, the carrier is also creating a red “Must Go” bag for bulk loading of small shipments. The color is intended to alert staff to the urgent nature of the shipment and promote priority handling during transit.

“Emirates AOG builds on a number of our strengths – our extensive network spanning over 155 destinations across six continents, our frequency of operations to destinations as well as our own vast experience in transporting aircraft parts for Emirates’ fleet,” said Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo.

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