Emirates launches new ‘White Cover’ cold-chain thermal shield

What do you do when you want to keep ULDs cold in the desert heat? Paint them white. That’s part of the reasoning behind DuPont’s new “White Cover Xtreme” thermal shield released this week by Emirates SkyCargo.

The Xtreme thermal shield, the newest version of the “White Cover” line the partnership launched in April 2016, works both ways regarding temperature control. It is designed to maintain cargo temperature internally by reflecting solar heat when the temperature is high and also act as a barrier to prevent heat loss from thermal conduction when the temperature is low.

The material is DuPont’s Tyvek Xtreme W50 — a breathable, high-density polyethylene that allows water vapor to escape, preventing condensation from forming on the inside of the shield.

The shield is one of many temperature-controlled products expansions that airfreight carriers and forwarders have announced during the past several months as they compete for pharma transport market share.

Emirates and DuPont expect to begin offering the White Cover Xtreme late this month. In the meantime, Emirates has offered free White Covers to all customers with temperature-sensitive shipments moving through Dubai from June through August. Emirates estimates that it moves more than 30,000 tonnes of perishables through Dubai each month.

In May, Emirates and DuPont renewed their partnership to develop temperature-protection products until 2019.

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