Calling all drone operators! NVdrones wants your crash stories [VIDEO]

Have you ever operated a drone vehicle before? If so, have you ever crashed it? Don’t be shy now, we’re sure the failure rate has to be 100 percent, including the first time you turned on a quad copter and drove it into the concrete by accident.

Well, a drone management startup called NVdrones says there’s no shame in getting drones caught in trees or dropping packages too soon. In fact, it wants to embrace your past failures to make sure your next unmanned aerial vehicle is even safer and less prone to go kamikaze with your next shipment.

“We would like drone pilots to participate in a study that will help the entire industry understand the answers to these questions,” the company said.We want to understand how often crashes happen. We want to understand if there are underlying factors that lead to a crash. What do we need in order to do this? We need crash data.”

If you want to share your story, please visit NVdrones’ blog here.

And while you’re thinking of drones and crashes on this Friday afternoon, here are a few civilian incidents to jog your memory:

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