Cause for Libyan C-130 cargo plane crash not yet found

Photo courtesy of National Oil Corp., Libya

As the investigation of yesterday’s deadly crash of a C-130 cargo plane continues in Libya, officials from the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said no cause has yet been determined. The crash killed the two pilots, plus a third crew member, while a fourth member of the crew was hospitalized in Tripoli with injuries.

The military aircraft, which was owned by the Libyan Air Force and chartered by Arkakus Oil, had just delivered 18 tonnes of catering and maintenance supplies to Arkakus’ 300,000-barrel-per-day Sharara oil field in a remote corner or southwestern Libya on Sunday when it reportedly suffered an explosion shortly after takeoff, which brought the plane down.

According to a report from Reuters, Arkakus chartered the aircraft because a “security situation on the ground” led to road closures in the area around the oil field.

In a statement, NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla expressed his “deepest sorrow and solidarity with the families of the victims and to the Air Force Chief of Staff, offering sincere condolences on behalf of NOC following this great tragedy.”

NOC also said Libya’s General Civil Aviation Authority has been briefed. The cause of the incident is still being investigated.

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