In Safe Hands: A behind-the-scenes look at cargo security audits

Making the grade

Like an evaluator for an end-of-year exam, Gadot assembled the Borderless and CAL Cargo management for their final results. It was Friday afternoon, and both men were wrapping up four days of intensive paperwork, on-site inspection of equipment, procedures and other security considerations. Unlike some inspectors, whose surprise visits instill fear in the hearts of managers, validators like Gadot are invited. Security is good for business. Nonetheless, there was a certain trepidation in the air.

“Everyone has demonstrated a very high-level security, screening, procedures, training and recruitment procedures, and I’m pleased to say that we have a strong case for certification,” he tells the managers, who were suddenly all smiles. Someone clapped.

Gadot later confided to Air Cargo World that not all audits go quite a well and that he’s had to advise against certification in the past.

A few weeks after hearing the good news, Rubin de Celis said that Borderless has decided to buy a new dual-view X-ray system, based on Gadot’s recommendations during the validation. “The validation showed us areas where we still needed to improve,” he said.

By early March, Gadot finally received confirmation that both Borderless and CAL Cargo passed their respective RA3 and ACC3 certifications with flying colors. “It’s all about preparation,” he concluded. “As long as everyone understands what’s expected, validations are the best way to make sure your cargo is safe.”

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