Jettainer supports ’10 Rules’ list to care for ULDs

Unit load devices (ULDs) have been considered essential air cargo equipment for many years and, when in flight, they are just as important to the safety of a flight as the wings and the fuselage. Yet, when they are on the ground, too often ULDs are treated like disposable tin cans by unscrupulous carriers and ground handlers looking to cut corners.

To help prevent the careless abuse of these vital container systems, ULD management firm Jettainer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG, has joined Canada-based nonprofit ULD Care by signing the group’s Code of Conduct for ULDs, a.k.a. the “10 Rules for ULDs” list (see graphic above).

are primarily intended to help reduce preventable damages to air freight containers and pallets through awareness-raising work. Proper handling of loading equipment could save the industry millions in annual repair costs.

The 10 Rules are a set of recommendations for all members of the air cargo supply chain correct to use when handling and transporting ULDs. The list includes information on proper loading, storage, maintenance and transport of the containers. The goal is to reduce the amount of preventable wear and tear on ULDs and pallets, and to educate cargo companies about the role ULDs play in securing loads and preventing damage to cargo.

“The ULD Care Code of Conduct is an important step towards raising awareness of this topic within the industry,” said Frank Mühlenkamp, director global operations at Jettainer, as well as a board member of ULD Care. He added that the company’s JettCare program has been able to train several thousand ground handling employees worldwide via its “ULD-X-Perts” training course.

For more information please visit the ULD Care website.

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