LATAM Cargo and CSafe sign lease agreement

LATAM Cargo and CSafe Global have signed a master-lease agreement for the provision of CSafe’s RKN and RAP containers to LATAM’s customers with pharmaceutical shipments. Under the agreement, the RKN and RAP active temperature-controlled containers are approved for both upper and lower decks of LATAM’s aircraft.

“Our top priority when shipping highly delicate and valuable cargo such as pharmaceutical products is to maintain the desired temperature levels throughout the entire time the cargo is transported, from the origin until its final destination,” said Rodolfo Marré, senior manager of product development at LATAM Cargo. “We understand that minimal deviation from the defined temperature ranges can greatly affect the quality of the products and that is why we are constantly evaluating new options for our clients.”

The RAP container is capable of maintaining the preset temperature range in ambient temperatures of -30°C to +54°C, while the RKN can operate at -30°C to +49°C. CSafe combines compressor-driven cooling technology with vacuum-insulated panel insulation to regulate payload temperatures for up to four U.S. pallets of pharmaceutical product per container.

LATAM Cargo has developed two specialized products for the transportation of pharmaceutical shipments: Pharma Passive, with a temperature range of +2°C to +25°C, and Pharma Active, for high-value medicines and vaccines requiring a temperature of between -30°C and +30°C. Temperature and functionality are checked every six hours and a physical review is carried out at every transfer point during the journey.

LATAM Cargo became the first carrier in the Americas to obtain IATA’s CEIV-Pharma Logistics certification in 2017.

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