Logistics Reinvented: 3 air cargo executives to watch in 2018

At times like these, with air cargo demand flying high and e-commerce growing with no end in sight, it might be tempting for some logistics companies to ease up on the gas and enjoy coasting while the momentum is strong. Not so for the three air cargo executives profiled here. Though they vary widely in experience and management style, all three know that airfreight is a fickle, cyclical business that can leave forwarders flying high one month and then grounded the next.

In this era of mergers and acquisitions and blockbuster deals, these names – Nick Bulcao, CEO of Airspace Technologies; Neel Jones Shah, senior vice president and global head of airfreight for Flexport; and Zhao Fengsheng, senior vice president of China Southern Cargo – may not yet be known in every corporate boardroom. But, considering the innovation they represent and the energy they possess, you will likely be hearing more about them in 2018.

As we near the end of the funhouse ride that was 2017, we’re taking a closer look at these three air cargo visionaries to get a glimpse of which direction the logistics industry may be headed in the near future. Chances are, it’s going to be a very different economic picture in 2018, so expect to see some radical changes in the evolution of the world’s supply chain. These three execs will likely have a say in how it will be reinvented.

Three Executives to Watch:

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