Qatar Cargo inaugurates charter 747F service

Qatar freighterQatar Airways Cargo added a 747-400BCF heavy cargo aircraft to its fleet, completing its first chartered-service flight from Doha to Hong Kong. The aircraft will be used for the charter transport of oversized freight, using both belly freight and maindeck cargo capacity, with 39 ULD positions.

The pressurized cargo cabin of the freighter will allow Qatar to carry livestock and horses. The cargo hold can also maintain a temperature range from 4° to 30°C for sensitive perishables. Other likely cargo will include heavy machinery, oversized equipment, oil and gas industry machinery, and humanitarian aid. The aircraft is capable of long-haul cargo flights of up to 10 hours.

Use of the -400BCF will be brief, however. Qatar said it will take delivery of another 747-400F with a nose-loading door in October, to replace the existing 747-400BCF for charter operations. The airline committed to an additional four 777Fs at the Paris Air Show in June, expanding its fleet to eight 777Fs and two A330Fs.


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