United Technologies buys analytics firm Predikto

Many companies in the airfreight world are trying to figure out a way to incorporate predictive software into their operations. While most of these plans are only in their early conceptual stages, there may be some movement soon in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market with the purchase of startup Predikto buy United Technologies (UTC).

Atlanta-based Predikto offers a software platform that analyzes maintenance and usage data from jet engines to help MROs better predict when the systems of these complex machines will fail. By developing automated algorithms for aircraft maintenance, Predikto aims to eliminate unplanned downtime by determining when engines are most likely to fail and scheduling maintenance in advance to save on MRO costs.

UTC said Predikto’s services will be integrated with UTC’ portfolio, and will be used for its Pratt & Whitney engine unit, as well as its non-aviation subsidiaries, including elevator manufacturer Otis and HVAC company Carrier.

“This is all about efficiency and automation to help us identify things we haven’t identified before,” said Vince Campisi, UTC’s chief digital officer.

UTC also said Predikto co-founder and CEO Mario Montag will join UTC’s leadership team as chief of data and analytics, replacing Steve Abrams, who left the company earlier this year.

The financial details of UTC’s purchase of Predikto were undisclosed.

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