5 top startups developing augmented reality for cargo logistics [VIDEO]

1) GetVu – This Bengaluru-based startup uses AR technology to enhance the efficiency of line pickers at a warehouse. With the heads-up display on the headset, workers can access order information and inventory locations in real-time as they fulfill orders for air shipment. The headset displays are also designed with a game-like experience, with visual clues about where the next product can be found, to make the work more engaging for the warehouse workers.

GetVu was recently chosen as one of the 10 startups participating in the Logistics Tech Accelerator program, created by Kaleido Logistics and RocketSpace, to connect disruptive logistics startups with other successful technology-driven companies to fuel cross-industry innovation. GetVu will spend the next few months working on their ideas within RocketSpace’s technological ecosystem to share innovation expertise, while also receiving support from Kaleido’s multiple corporate members and mentors.

This video shows some of the basic functions of GetVu’s PikVu module:

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