Exelsius offers cold chain GDP workshops


With cold chain emerging as a rapidly growing logistical need, Exelsius Cold Chain Management is offering classes in Good Distribution Practices (GDP) to help meet the demand for qualified staff. With patient safety in mind, Exelsius teaches students to gain certified understanding of international healthcare logistics.

The pharmaceutical qualification program, taught by experienced instructors, includes training on European Union guidance, International Air Transport Association temperature regulations, understanding the supply chain process, audits, risk management and CAPA (Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation) in the logistics process. The program also teaches temperature management; mapping and data recording; passive and active transportation solutions; packaging and route qualifications; and quality management in the logistics process.

The training has been developed specifically for businesses involved in the air cool chain process. The goal is for participants to be compliant with GDP regulations issued by airlines, the U.S. FDA, the EU, and the U.K.’s medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency.

“With over half of the value of healthcare products being moved by air, shippers will be seeking only the most compliant GDP logistics providers,” said Exelsius CEO Tony Wright.

Each workshop is custom-designed to the needs of each company’s staff.

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One thought on “Exelsius offers cold chain GDP workshops

  1. Thank you for the article publication but actually the Exelsius Pharmaceutical Qualification programme (PQP) is not just about training courses (this is handled though our GDP Academy). The PQP programme ensures that companies involved in the handling of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products are certified to current standards. The programme involves a full audit of facilities, processes, procedures and Quality Management Systems and a corrective action programme that will also involve training of appropriate personnel. This is an essential element of full GDP compliance and further details are on the Exelsius web site: exelsiusglobal.com
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