FedEx Express to grow fleet with 767-300s

FedEx Express announced in a press release that it will purchase 19 Boeing 767-300 aircraft in an effort to boost fuel efficiency and improve aircraft reliability. The freighters, which will replace the 18 Airbus A310-200s and six Boeing MD10-10s FedEx retired from its U.S. Express fleet in June, will be delivered to the integrator between fiscal-year 2015 and fiscal-year 2019.

According to the press release, the 767-300s will provide FedEx Express with similar capacity to the MD-10s, but offer two distinct benefits — a 30-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a 20-percent reduction in unit operating costs. Plus, FedEx will be able to share tooling, spare parts and flight simulators from the Boeing 757s it already operates with the 767s.

David Bronczek, FedEx Express president and CEO, anticipates the new aircraft having a strong impact on the integrator’s bottom line. “FedEx Express is positioning itself for more profitable growth by modernizing its aircraft fleet and better aligning its U.S. domestic air network to match current and anticipated shipment volumes,” he said in a statement.

As part of the purchase agreement, Boeing will also convert four B777s to 767s for FedEx Express, with two scheduled for delivery in fiscal-year 2016 and the final two aircraft slated to arrive in fiscal-year 2017.

This agreement comes six months after FedEx Express inked a deal with Boeing to purchase 27 767s, which will be delivered between fiscal-year 2014 and fiscal-year 2018, and delay delivery of an undisclosed number of 777s. Currently, FedEx Express counts 19 777 freighters among its fleet and plans to purchase 24 more.

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