FedEx’s Smith calls for action to defend global trade, save jobs

Soon after making a TV appearance to criticize the Trump administration’s pull-out from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, FedEx CEO and founder Fred Smith stepped up his efforts to stave off a costly trade war by creating an online portal to encourage citizens to defend global trade and potentially save millions of jobs that depend on it.

Located online at FedEx’s Advocacy Center, the portal asks concerned citizens to message their elected officials and voice their support for global trade. The page includes a form for people to fill out with contact information that can automatically be sent to elected officials in their respective states and voting districts with just one click.

What follows is an excerpt from FedEx’s call to action:

“You see it working every day. The global supply chain is powerful and active in your life – whether you’re working on your laptop, helping a customer, ordering online, answering email or delivering a package.

Global trade doesn’t just bring you things; it creates jobs. Your job.

With a majority of the world’s consumers living outside the United States, it makes sense that if you streamline customs, lower tariffs and simplify regulatory processes it will open up opportunities for people to participate in the global economy. Even small businesses that export see greater growth in revenue and jobs, which creates even more opportunity in their communities.

Increasing trade is part of the solution to energizing our economy. Please take a moment and let your voice be heard. Contact your elected representatives in Congress to make sure they know that you support trade.”

Earlier this week, Smith told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo that, “trade is what made America great.” He added that, “about 40 million Americans, including FedEx folks, make their jobs in trade.”

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