FloatPac flies 38,500 fingerling salmon from Scotland to Dubai

A salmon fingerling

Australian aquatic transportation company FloatPac successfully completed the relocation of 38,500 fingerling salmon, encased in 42 of its FishPac transportation bins, from Scotland to Dubai, where they will be “available in the UAE market” once the fish reach maturity in late 2018.

The project took place over a five-month period – each trip commencing from the indoor farm with a five-hour drive to Glasgow Airport (GLA), followed by a 7.5-hour flight to Dubai where the aquatic cargo underwent customs clearance – totaling in a transit period that averaged from 20 to 26 hours.

In June, FloatPac released news of its partnership with Norwegian aquaculture company, LipFish AS, to develop cloud-based sensor technology for containers of live fish, giving stakeholders constant updates on the state of the live cargo. The company says its in-container oxygen system reduces fish stress levels and lowers mortality rates from about 50 percent to less than one percent, per payload.

Since FishPac launched in 2000, its served clients in Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, Canada, the United States, Asia, Iceland and Belgium.


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