Freight management app ‘Kangaruu’ launches service

Technology start-ups aim to digitalize supply chain management

Another freight management startup, called Kangaruu, has entered the digitalization landscape, releasing its logistics management platform for shippers and brokers in the trucking industry.

This year, we’ve seen airlines, logistics companies and tech start-ups try their hand at creating digital platforms through which industry members can communicate, with the goal of reducing or eliminating the need for paper-based billing and phone calls. While Kangaruu was not directly created for air transport, the digital service can be applied for road-feeder operations to and from airports.

The company’s CEO, Kip Haas, said that digital brokers “have struggled to build lasting relationships with shippers,” due to a lack of infrastructure to employ digital services. “But, it is mainly due to their core belief that the traditional broker relationship isn’t valuable in today’s marketplace,” he said.

The fledgling software company, which formed earlier this year, said its differentiating feature will be its focus on the “importance of the shipper-to-broker relationship,” which it says other platforms have failed to accomplish.

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