Bourque Logistics to release Shipper BI big data tool

Texas-based logistics software and service provider Bourque Logistics is releasing “Shipper BI,” a new big data tool, this fall. Using cloud-based dashboards, the multi-modal tool covers truck, rail and intermodal shipping for domestic and international operations.

The tool aggregates data related to fleets, shipments, freight costs and equipment maintenance, allowing logistics providers to generate reports on operational trends and efficiencies, while also identifying potential problem areas and inefficiencies. Shipper BI offers options for both standard and customized dashboards.

Shipper BI is designed to work with other software from Bourque to give an overview of operations, according to president Steve Bourque, who said, “Its visualization capabilities allow our clients to reveal key trends based upon their multi-mode transactions” captured within the company’s various multi-modal software offerings.

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