DHL’s new Gibraltar-area logistics hub to be largest in Morocco

When establishing a trade route between Africa and Europe, what better place is there than the Strait of Gibraltar? That’s the area DHL Global Forwarding (DHL-GF) has decided to set up its new hub, along with global logistics gateway Tanger Med, on the Moroccan side of the 14-kilometer-wide strait.

With the addition of the 6,000-square-foot facility, DHL-GF will be one of the largest freight forwarders to establish operations in the Tanger Med Logistical Zone, providing customers with customs clearance and supply chain management, along with air, sea and road freight services.

Once completed in May of this year, it will serve as a gateway to the international markets for DHL’s customers, especially for imports and exports to and from Europe, North and West Africa, but also from the Americas.

“The strategic location of Tanger Med presents a huge opportunity for us,” said Christelle Fadel, general manager of DHL Global Forwarding in Morocco. “Its ability to support multi-modal connectivity – especially its maritime, as well as road connections to Casablanca and [points] south – will allow us to expand and enhance our customer service offering.”

Located where the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Europe and Africa all converge, the Tanger Med port complex encompasses three ports, as well as the adjacent logistics zone. In 2018, the total volume of import/export flows by air, land and sea handled by Tanger Med totaled US$33 billion in revenue, mainly in automobiles and containerized freight.

“The Tanger Med Logistical Zone is a perfect choice for large multinationals and logistical operators seeking to optimize their logistics operations and redistribute their flow of goods to Africa, Europe and America,” said Rachid Houari, general manager of Medhub.

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