Pharma demands more dynamic services from forwarders

Forwarders must learn to be flexible and tailor their services, especially as the pharmaceutical supply chain becomes increasingly complex, IJS Global’s director, Naomi Landman, said last week.

Landman told Flypharma conference attendees that the pharmaceutical business is going through a major transition, moving from a one-size-fits-all model to one built around personalized, individual care and wellness. “We need to come together and collectively broaden our understanding of the pharma supply chain and not just focus on the freight aspects,” she said.

She said that technological advances, as well as tax, regulatory and market demands, are driving change and making the pharmaceutical supply chain more complex. IJS Global has recruited logistics specialists from the pharma industry to teach them first-hand about their knowledge and experience with the products. She also said that logistics companies should make it a priority to keep up with trends and issues in the industry.

IJS Global has a worldwide logistics network of fully owned and exclusive agent partnerships across 77 countries and 24-hour pharmaceutical warehouse facilities at Amsterdam Schiphol and Frankfurt Airports. In recent months, IJS opened new branches in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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