United Cargo adds temperature-controlled SkyCell containers

U.S.-based United Cargo signed a lease with SkyCell, the temperature-controlled container manufacturer and lessor, earlier this week to enhance its TempControl pharmaceutical services.

Demand for United Cargo’s TempControl services is “increasing rapidly,” President of United Cargo Jan Krems said in a press release, adding that  SkyCell containers will help the carrier offer “extremely precise, long-duration temperature control” for “highly sensitive shipments.”

A press release from the companies cited a recent year-long external audit that found only 0.01% of shipments in SkyCell containers saw temperature excursions. The containers boast a variety of features, including patented insulation, special rechargeable cooling technology and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that connect to SkyCell software and monitor temperature, humidity and other variables that could affect pharmaceutical shipments.

United Cargo also took on CSafe’s RAP containers and  cool-chain containers from Thermosafe last year, but it seems to be trying to hop on an ongoing trend. It’s the third company to sign SkyCell leases over the past two weeks, after AirBridgeCargo and Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cargo.

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