Cargologic obtains CEIV certification at Zurich

Ceiv-pharmaSwitzerland-based ground handler Cargologic has satisfied all of the requirements to obtain its Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification from IATA for handling pharmaceuticals at Zurich Airport, where Cargologic got its start in 1951.

The pharmaceutical business is one of the key industries of the Swiss economy, therefore the volume of pharma and biotech shipments being transported through Zurich – transfer shipments in particular  is increasing. Cargologic’s partner in Zurich, Swiss WorldCargo, continues to invest in technical and operating expertise to handle more of this lucrative traffic.

“With Cargologic completing the CEIV process, we can now offer pharmaceutical handling excellence at the Zurich hub and meet our customer’s needs for more safety, security, compliance and efficiency,” said Susanne Wellauer, vertical industry manager for pharma and healthcare, Swiss WorldCargo.

In April 2015, Cargologic expanded its cold storage facilities to meet the standards for the storage of temperature-sensitive shipments.






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