DHL Express launches daily route between CVG, YVR

A DHL Express 777-F

Last week, DHL Express launched a new daily route between Vancouver, Canada (YVR) and its North American hub in Cincinnati (CVG), citing demand for services between Canada and the United States,

The carrier said inbound and outbound volumes to Vancouver increased by 38 and 10 percent respectively since last year due to increased demand for transportation of e-commerce products like clothing, consumer electronics, media products and pharmaceutical products.

“The new flight will help to meet the rising demand of U.S. exporters and also create more opportunity for Vancouver’s small and medium-sized businesses to trade internationally, by improving reliability, connectivity and capacity between the two markets,” said Andrew Williams, CEO for DHL Express Canada.

This is not the only investment DHL has made in Canada this year. So far in 2018, DHL Express has invested €3 million in four new service points in the cities of Ottawa, Calgary and Surrey and the province of Ontario, to address demand for capacity in and out of Canada, tallying its locations in the country at 17.

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