Pelican, Zuelling partner for cold chain packaging

Pelican BioThermal plans to grow in Asia by partnering with Zuelling Pharma in Vietnam. Zuelling will be using Pelican’s reusable passive thermal packaging line, called Credo and the Credo cube, for shipping parcels. For the transport of pharmaceutical products, the company will utilize Credo Xtreme for bulk shipments, ProMed and DuraCube.

Pelican said the benefit of the Credo products is the controlled-temperature reliability of the product, based on elimination of thermal excursions, and the low cost due to the fact that the products are reusable. Zuelling Pharma employees will be trained on repair, cleaning and refurbishment of Credo products and will use Credo ProEnvision software to manage the distribution, return, refurbishment and restocking processes.

Pelican BioThermal provided consulting services, along with cold-chain optimization knowledge as part of the partnership. Zuelling Pharma distributes pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trial materials. Pelican BioThermal provides thermal protection packaging for pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, diagnostic tissue, vaccines and blood supplies.

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