Freightos focuses on sustainability with carbon transparency features

Online freight pricing platform Freightos is introducing new features to introduce transparency to the freight sector, including adding an estimate of the carbon footprint to every shipping service on Freightos and adding several free carbon dioxide (CO2) calculation tools that allow customers or third-parties to determine the carbon footprint along various routes and modes.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data estimates that freight transport supporting international trade makes up 30 percent of transport-related CO2 emissions and more than 7 percent of emissions globally, according to Glen Schwaber, co-founder of tech venture capital fund, ICV.

As other logistics companies implement sustainability goals of their own, transparency tools surrounding the supply chain are necessary to help those companies meet their goals. Last year, Deutsche Post-DHL introduced its own carbon calculator tool for its customers, and Freightos’ expansion across modes and to third-parties further illuminates freight’s carbon footprint.

“Large shippers and logistics companies are introducing sustainability targets, but transportation is often the most opaque part of global supply chains,” added Zvi Schreiber, CEO and founder of Freightos. “We’re proud to support sustainability targets and bolster environmental awareness and accountability in the industry.”

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