GEODIS tests motion controlled lifting machinery [VIDEO]

The concept that made Nintendo Wii a household name is making its way into the logistics business, with the ‘Com’hand’ system, which offers “intuitive control capabilities for lifting and handling machinery.” GEODIS is now testing the controllers at a manufacturing site of Saint-Gobain.

The system was developed by Siatech, with initial testing starting in November 2016 in Hénin-Beaumont, northern France. Com’hand uses digital sensor technology for controlling industrial machinery, with this being the first application for controlling cranes and gantries.

Operators interact with the machinery using arm motions, which are interpreted and transmitted by a motion sensors and a small finger strap that have motion sensors mounted on them.

Attaching a sensor directly to the individual controller removes a layer of interaction, offers greater simplicity and improved control efficiency, while avoiding the risk of loss or damage that can come from pushing too hard on a joystick or pressing the wrong button.

GEODIS said that in addition to eliminating “a heavy and cumbersome control unit,” the Com’hand system translates into “increased efficiency” with productivity gains of up to 20 percent.

Below, a demonstration of the  ‘Com’hand’ system:


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