Hactl implements V.R. training for cargo handling

Cargo handler Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. (Hactl) launched a virtual reality (V.R.) training program, called COSAC-VR, to provide new staff with a virtual experience in ramp handling before they are introduced to the real-life, fast-paced operations.

“In the past, newly-recruited ground service staff had to undergo extensive classroom training before experiencing the real-life aircraft cargo handling environment,” said Simon Yap, Hactl’s senior manager for learning and development. “COSAC-VR has reduced the reliance on real aircraft availability and suitable weather conditions for training, and trainees meanwhile can undergo work simulations in a totally safe environment.”

V.R. training reduces limitations of other on-the-job training programs by simulating the kinetic environment of the work in a risk-free environment. It also removes the need for dedicated, high-tech training suites because VR is portable and can be set up quickly in any location. Currently, the COSAC-VR program covers aircraft cargo compartment operations, but Hactl plans to expand training options in future modules.

“This is just the beginning: we will add progressively to COSAC-VR’s scope, and look at other ways to deploy V.R., such as staff induction and internal communication,” said Hactl CEO Mark Whitehead. “We are very interested in exploring collaboration with our airline customers on the VR training concept, for our mutual benefit.”

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