Hactl’s logistics arm expands road feeder service

Today, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) announced that its logistics arm, Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services Limited (Hacis), has extended its SuperLink China Direct (SLCD) scheduled road feeder service to Zhuhai and the western Pearl River Delta (PRD). The expansion of the SLCD service follows the signing of an agreement between Hacis and Civet (Zhu Hai) Logistics Co., a subsidiary of Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises Group, that is intended to support the development of logistics throughout the western PRD. 

As part of the new agreement, Hacis’ SLCD network now includes connections to Civet Port at Hongwan, in Zhuhai’s Nanping Town, which is located adjacent to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge exit and the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone. According to Hacis managing director Vivien Lau, the SLCD route will cover Zhuhai, and additional centers in the western PRD such as Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Macau’s Hengqin special economic district. The route will also connect to Zhuhai Airport (ZUH), thus providing additional extended coverage to other mainland Chinese cities by air. Information regarding the schedule for the road feeder service is forthcoming. 

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The network expansion was supported by Zhuhai Customs, which approved the company’s use of the Customs authority’s Quick Pass System – enabling Customs authorities to monitor cross-border cargo between Hong Kong and China on the bridge through an electronic lock and GPS technology. The system expedites the flow of transshipment cargo. 

According to HactlHacis and CKS pursued development of the service upon identifying potential demand for air-road intermodal services to serve electronics manufacturers and technology companies in the western PRD.  

The move, similarly pursued by DHL earlier this year, will support increased options for customers seeking flexibility and network connectivity in shipping cargo. 

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