Hamburg Airport begins construction on cargo center

  • March 28, 2014

Hamburg Airport began construction on its new Hamburg Airport Cargo Center (HACC).

Modern facilities on Weg beim Jaeger will replace the existing air cargo center. The new facility will be 60,000 square meters (645,834 square feet) and will open in summer 2015.
“We, the airport, are investing around 45 million euro from our own funds in the modern airfreight facilities on Weg beim Jaeger. The money is a good investment for the site and the region. The new HACC will further strengthen the already successful aviation sector in Hamburg, bringing security for the future,” Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, said.
The design of the Hamburg Airport Cargo Center was planned in cooperation with the freight forwarding companies already based there. The airport has a high tenanting ratio, with around 85 percent of the space either already under contract or fully negotiated and ready for contract.

HACC, which includes offices, will have an annual capacity of up to 150,000 tonnes of cargo. The facility will have up to 40 loading ramps for trucks and around 36 parking positions for tractor-trailer combinations. 

Aircraft such as the Antonov 124, which visited Hamburg Airport in January, will be able to taxi to a loading and unloading point directly in front of HACC. An underpass being constructed on the street, Weg beim Jaeger, will directly connect HACC to the airport’s apron.

In the next step, the pit for the foundation will be excavated so surface construction can begin this summer.

The daily progress of the construction can be viewed on Hamburg Airport’s German website.

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