Hellmann Logistics launches track-and-trace service

Germany-based 3PL Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has launched its track-and-trace service this week, called “Smart Visibility,” which gives customers web-based, real-time access to a spread of shipment data, including temperature, humidity, vibration, light, door openings and deviations to time scheduling.

Hellmann has been working with London-based internet of things (IoT) company Hanhaa throughout 2018 to incorporate iSmart Visibility into its services, which are used by logistics companies such as DB Schenker and DS Smith. The hardware and software service consists of a small book-sized device that can slip inside boxes, containers or pallets to collect the above-named data and instantly upload it to the online portal for customers to access at any point throughout the supply chain.

With 3PL companies continuing to up the level of transparency of the supply chain offered to customers, such features are likely to become standard practice across industry.

“Especially in times when decisions in supply chain and inventory management are computer-controlled, it is extremely important to have reliable real-time data on the flow of goods,” said Jochen Freese, chief commercial officer at Hellmann. “The tool enables an extremely broad target group to use real-time transparency to their competitive advantage.”

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