I saw a film today, oh boy: A day in the life of Finnish pharma [VIDEO]

We all know what cargo looks like being processed in an airfreight facility, but have you stopped and thought what it must be like for the cargo itself? Now this burning philosophical question has been answered, thanks to Finnair.

The Finland-based carrier’s 360-degree video showing its internal airport operations is the psychedelic air cargo eye-candy you need this Friday. The two-minute, 46-second video shows a pharmaceutical product’s point-of-view, from reception to loading at the carrier’s Nordic hub at Helsinki Airport (HEL).

The passenger-focused airline has mostly stayed under the radar over the last year, with little cargo-related news of note since the launch of its monitoring tool for airfreight, called “Cargo Eye” – its live tracking and monitoring service. But we appreciate this nod to airfreight from Finnair’s marketing team.

Experience a day in the life of a cargo shipment below. Use your mouse while the video is playing to shift your perspective. It’s quite a head-trip:

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