IAG Cargo launches customer service center for ‘Critical’ clients

U.K.-based IAG Cargo has introduced a dedicated customer service element to its “Critical” product – which was launched in 2016 to cater to forwarders and shippers that deal with last-minute and out-of-hours bookings.

Since its debut, the carrier has recorded 5,500 bookings. Last July, it expanded Critical to encompass to temperature-sensitive cargo, in a move that emphasized its appeal toward pharmaceutical clients flying routes across India, the U.K. and Europe.“We understand that customers using Critical often require a more personal service and additional support,” said Daniel Johnson, manager of global products at IAG Cargo, calling Critical the carrier’s “highest-priority, must-fly product.”

The new London Heathrow-based customer-service center will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day, with the potential to become a 24-hour operation.

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