Incheon Airport carries out fifth annual eco-friendly cargo project

  • January 2, 2014

Incheon International Airport Corporation supplied eco-friendly biodegradable air cargo packaging vinyl to four major operators as part of its fifth Green Cargo Hub project.

The operators were Incheon Airport of Korea Airport Service, Asiana Airlines, Swissport and AACT. Vinyl covers are used to protect cargo from damage and water infiltration.

With the Green Cargo Hub project, Incheon Airport underwrote 50 percent of the purchase price of biodegradable vinyl pallet covers, which are difficult to commercialize due to high prices compared to existing vinyl covers.

Through this, the four operators purchased a total of 5,800 biodegradable cargo covers.

Eco-friendly biodegradable vinyl is a bio-film made of compounds that begin to decompose gradually by natural microorganisms one year after use. Cargo operators at Incheon International Airport use approximately 14 tonnes of air cargo package vinyl a day (5,110 tonnes annually).

Since 2010, the airport has reduced plastic vinyl waste by jointly purchasing 17,500 package vinyl covers with operators.

Incheon International Airport has carried out its Green Cargo Hub project every year since 2009.

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