Kalitta Air begins New York-Amsterdam service

  • February 27, 2014

Kalitta Air will launch twice-weekly B747-400F scheduled services March 9 routing New York-Amsterdam-New York.

The flights are scheduled to depart JFK on Thursday and Sunday with the return flights departing Amsterdam Friday and Sunday.

Kalitta Air is launching the service in cooperation with Wallace Air Cargo Group/Inter Aviation Services (IAS) and HAE Group.

“Our extensive market research has shown that there is a strong demand for scheduled main-deck B747 freighter services linking the prime commercial hubs of New York and Amsterdam both eastbound and westbound,” HAE and IAS said. “Our primary focus will be on heavy/outsize cargo suitable for the main-deck such as oil and gas equipment, aircraft engines, project cargo, automotive components and similar types of freight – and we will also be looking at some of the more specialist cargo such as the movement of horses.”

Eastbound sales, marketing and reservations will be handled by HAE through its network of offices in the U.S., while westbound freight sales will continue to be handled by IAS in the Benelux and the existing network of GSAs across Europe.

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3 thoughts on “Kalitta Air begins New York-Amsterdam service

  1. It is very doubtful that Kalitta can match the expertise of the existing direct carriers when handling and transporting specialist cargos such as horses and aircraft engines.  On top of the expertise required to handle such delicate cargo, Kalitta repair options are poor. If cargo does not move on the Sunday flight it will stay on the ground for 5 days.  What customer will understand the use of this option even at consolidation level?  If Kalitta are seriously going to make an impact at JFK they need to increase their frequencies.  I do not expect Kalitta to remain at JFK for too long with this model.

  2. Why is it doubtful? Pretty much all we do is handle specialist cargo. If the flight wasn’t to go on Sunday, why couldn’t it just go the next day??? It’s so funny when people who thought they knew something about Kalitta 25 years ago thinks its the same place.

  3. If remains to be seen if it will work, but with sales forces of both HAE and IAS, there is a big network that can fill those flights.
    I disagree with Bob’s comments, when it comes to specialised cargo, K4 have a very professional ops team. They have been doing work for DHL and other operator’s in Afghanistan with difficult loads.
    Good luck to them I say.
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