Kerry Logistics adopts smart sensors throughout supply chain

Hong Kong-based Kerry Logistics is upping its digitalization game with the introduction of smart sensors compatible for cargo across all modes of transportation that provide real-time data on location, temperature, pressure, tilt, shock and humidity to stakeholders across the supply chain.

Through customizable alerts or via the company’s “KerrierVISION” visibility portal, both consignees and shippers can access data about the physical environment of the cargo across Kerry’s international network.

“End-to-end visibility has become a prerequisite to the agility to any supply chain,” said Mathieu Biron, managing director of global freight forwarding at Kerry Logistics. “Global supply chains are increasingly complex.”

Such sensors are obviously well-suited for temperature sensitive cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, but Kerry said that shippers of consumer goods, like electronics, are also pleased by the addition of the sensors to Kerry’s service offerings.

“With the adaptive smart sensor solution, our customers can make immediate decisions at any stage across the supply chain, based on actionable intelligence, which enables them to minimize loss and enhance efficiency,” Biron said. “We anticipate the sensor-based logistics solution becoming an indispensable part of the supply chain, with the increasing adoption of IoT [internet of things] in the global logistics practices.”

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