IAG Cargo saves the day amidst U.K. heat wave

On a hot summer day, what’s better that a crisp, fresh salad? Consumers in the U.K. were almost forced to find out last week when the island nation was nearly left without its leafy greens due to extreme heat.

In response, U.K.-based IAG Cargo shipped more than 30,000 heads of iceberg lettuce from Los Angeles to London Heathrow Airport over the weekend to supplement an unexpected shortage of the perishable grocery staple in the region caused by the record-breaking heatwave.

In recent years, the carrier has made moves in handling temperature-sensitive and perishable cargo, investing in temperature-controlled containers and its “constant climate critical” program, which focuses on the safe handling of pharmaceuticals. Earlier this month, the carrier introduced a dedicated customer service arm to the service at its London hub.

Looking ahead, Camilo Garcia, director of sales, marketing and products at IAG Cargo, indicated the carrier’s dedication to perishables, which it already ships to a network of more than 350 locations. “[We] will be increasing the Miami route frequency to three times a day as of winter 2018,” he said. “This is all the more relevant at a time when a national shortage of fresh greens is probable.”

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