Live data access arrives for Cargo iQ members [VIDEO]

Caryn Livingston

From left to right, Cargo iQ Chairman Henk Venema, Senior Vice President – Global Head of Network Carrier Management at DHL Global Forwarding, Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy at the Global Shippers’ Forum and Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ, officially launch the Air Cargo Intelligence Portal at today’s Commercial Summit.

For the first time, IATA’s Cargo iQ is giving its members real-time access to their data through its online self-service platform Air Cargo Intelligence Hub. The move is intended to improve performance across the logistics chain, allowing Cargo iQ customers to access their data and compare it with Cargo iQ standards and data from the rest of the Cargo iQ community.

“Our work with shippers shows the need to have timely and clear information shared and our members understand that better than anyone,” said Cargo iQ chairman Henk Venema, who also serves as the senior vice president and global head of network carrier management at DHL Global Forwarding.

Cargo iQ members use shared shipment planning routes called route maps that measure every cargo shipment against 16 milestones. Data analysis from those measurements, now available through the new platform, is intended to improve efficiency in the air cargo industry.

Below, Cargo iQ illustrates the value of transparency to the airfreight industry:

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