Menzies Aviation plans major rollout of Hermes’ cloud-based cargo management system 

Menzies Aviation has selected Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) to implement the most recent version of HLT’s Cargo Management System (CMS), Hermes 5 (H5), across facilities it operates in its global network.  

The H5 system is the latest version of the cloud-based Hermes cargo management application designed to improve service management, revenue accounting, process automation and service failure avoidance. The system can run within any cloud service and can be integrated onto any internet-enabled device. 

This upgraded H5 system features a new customs interface, created to help speed up cross-border customs clearance, as well as real-time tracking functionality and data analysis, to help reduce delays and backlogs. This version also consolidates customs documents for one inbound shipment, to increase efficiency. 

According to HLT, one of the key benefits of H5 is its scalability, which will allow Menzies to employ it as needed at its various small, medium, and large-sized operations across its network. The use of the platform is also intended to enable Menzies complete connectivity and data-sharing between its logistics facilitates and services.  

“Sustainably growing our cargo business is a key part of our future strategy, and H5 will be integral to our toolset for achieving our growth trajectory,” said Robert Fordree, EVP Cargo, Menzies Aviation.  

Rollout of the platform will begin in 1Q 2020 across Menzies Aviation’s cargo handling facilities at nearly 40 airports across six continents, though no details regarding the specific airports were shared. 

The announcement continues the expanded use of H5 by airports, airlines and ground handlers across the globe, including Hanoi Airport (HAN), RSA National, LuxairCARGO, and most recently, CHS Trade in Slovakia.  

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