Natilus to build smaller e-commerce cargo drone

Images released today by cargo-drone startup Natilus show that the California-based company is now looking to manufacture smaller 2-10 ton cargo-drones. CEO Aleksey Matyushev confirmed to Air Cargo World that his company had, “found some traction in the smaller aircraft markets and have a 2 and 10 ton freighter.” The company plans to release further specs and operating costs in the coming days.



The smaller design is a departure from the company’s previous designs for a large 100 ton freighter drone. Matyushev explained that, “since we last announced the 100 ton freighter, customers have approached us with requirements for something smaller – specifically in the 2 and 10 ton category.” Natilus is still pursuing the 100 ton freighter, but the company wants to take a ‘stair-step’ approach to getting there.

“The larger integrators all want the larger [100 ton] freighters,” Matyushev said, “however, having traction with the smaller freighters allows us to expand our offering.”

Matyushev added that, “the vehicles have been sized with cargo and e-commerce in-mind first, meaning that they are more volume minded than their competitors.  Natilus said the more detalis will be forthcoming, but noted that the smaller drones have “the largest cargo doors in their class, obey the 120kg/CBM, and typically offer higher than 8 CBM per 1 ton.”

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