New climate-controlled storage facility opens at Sydney

Specialist logistics provider B&H Worldwide has opened a new climate-controlled storage facility to support its customers with specialized service requirements at Sydney Airport in Australia. The new facility was built following consultations with customers and their vendors and features temperature, humidity, and contaminant-control capabilities.

Regional Director Steve Moralee explained that this development allows B&H to guarantee that climate-sensitive components will retain their quality and integrity. It would also facilitate timely delivery at lower overall costs. Moralee underscored the security advantages, as well, stressing that “only highly trained individuals” will have access to the facility.

The new ISO 9001- and AS9210-certified cool-chain center is built to store a range of aviation-related shipments, ranging from gels and adhesives to avionics components. The facility is also equipped with monitoring equipment to maintain temperatures within a narrow range, control relative humidity and ensure that “no direct sun or dust” will come in contact with the products, Moralee said.

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