Next-generation supply-chain visibility goes live at C.H. Robinson

Recent weather disruptions across the southern United States and the Caribbean region have underscored the importance of informed supply-chain visibility. Today’s launch of Navisphere Vision, by logistic firm C.H. Robinson, is the latest generation of data-informed management tools, providing comprehensive supply chain insights and warnings for disruptions from weather, traffic or current events, as well as predictive analytics to help shippers make better, faster decisions.

C.H. Robinson says that its Navisphere Vision product allows customers to “see global events as they happen,” from a supply-chain standpoint, and uses predictive analysis to help shippers make better, faster decisions

“Not only is it global, but Navisphere Vision goes far beyond visibility and helps our customers predict supply chain disruptions before they even occur,” Jordan Kass, president of TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson.

When hackers struck Maersk earlier this year, Navisphere Vision was able to “diagnose and understand what was occurring within minutes,” said Alain Hawkins, senior manager for global logistics at Microsoft, which was one of the launch customers. This ability allowed Microsoft to determine what products were in play, and where they were.

That same insight exists across all other transportation modes on a global level.

Navisphere Vision’s ability to streamline and bolster supply chains is indicative of next-generation technology’s impact on supply chain management. The data that drives threat analysis and management tools is an amalgamation of vast quantities of information that is distilled into one platform. Providing this level of insight, a decade ago required entire departments, and extensive research. In 2017, its entirely automated.

Navisphere Vision utilizes API technology to aggregate all other supply chain and information sources into one single location. “It brings a new level of machine-learning and data science that the supply chain industry hasn’t seen to date,” said Chad Lindbloom, chief information officer at C.H. Robinson.

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