TSA approves of canine security group for air cargo screening

After several months’ work with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a U.S.-based security group called the Cargo Screening K9 Alliance (CSK9), said on Feb. 1 that it has been approved by the federal government to begin using trained dogs to provide screening services at airline and freight forwarder facilities nationwide.

The green light from TSA came after CSK9 submitted an application and Operational Implementation Plan to become a “Certified Cargo Screening Facility – Canine” (CCSF-K9). As a result, CSK9 deployed 12 certified, full-time third-party canine teams to three screening facilities run by logistics firm Able Freight, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, to sniff out potential traces of explosive material on the cargo.

“TSA was very responsive in the application approval process in spite of the challenges associated with our large national footprint and geographically separated operations, support offices, and training facilities,” said Paul Hammond, president of CSK9.

With the CCSF-K9 approval letter, CSK9 is now ready to start operations in the United States and abroad to help freight forwarders and airlines meet TSA’s 100 percent screening mandate for all air cargo entering the U.S., while also reducing costs and streamlining cargo screening operations, Hammond added.

CSK9, which operates several hubs throughout the U.S. providing canine screening services, said it is set to further expand globally in 2019 with new support offices in Ontario, Canada; Johannesburg, South Africa; Amman, Jordan; Europe; and the Caribbean region.

For more on the growth of canine-based screening services and their expected impact on air cargo safety, see Air Cargo World’s upcoming feature on the topic in the March 2019 issue.

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