SEKO launches returns-focused logistics platform

SEKO Logistics has launched a new cloud-based platform that moves to optimize its reverse-logistics process and provide increased visibility of shipments on the returns side of the supply chain with a digital platform.

The new service, called “OmniReturns,” will provide a platform for retailers, e-tailers and consumers to track the return cycle, from label creation to the re-entry of returns, as parcels arrive back at the retailer’s warehouse. The app will also encompass processes like customs compliance, repatriation services and automated customer refunds via the digital dashboard.

The customer-facing portal provides customers a choice of carriers, free or paid returns options, pre-printed labels on dispatch, or application programming interface (API) access to labels, if the seller has its own returns portal.

The company said that the investment was largely fueled by e-commerce shipments, citing that at least 30 percent of all products ordered online are returned, compared to about 9 percent of goods bought in-store. It also noted that two-thirds of online shoppers check an e-commerce website’s returns page before purchasing, and that more than 90 percent of customers “will buy something again” if returns are “quick and easy.”

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