Software available to manage cargo claims

TranSolutions Inc., has released what it professes to be the industry’s first software system designed to help carriers manage their cargo claims that are filed against them. The product, CarrierClaim, can be integrated with the company’s transportation management system (TMS), accounting software, or other internal systems, so there’s no need to uproot current systems in order to use the software.

The CarrierClaim software allows shippers and forwarders to store cargo claim records in one location rather than dispersing them across multiple paper or digital folders. It also allows claim managers to send emails from within the system. This makes it easy to store email records for future searches. Other features include claim importing and analytics tools.

There is also the option to categorize claims as “awaiting mitigation” or “waiting for salvage.” There is even a feature that will automatically notify designated user groups in the case of specific claim reasons. For example, the software can alert environmental professionals in the case of a hazardous materials spill.

TranSolutions’ first foray in the logistics business was with MyEZClaim, a software system designed to help shippers and 3PLs manage their freight claims and analyze trends to prevent future damage.


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