Peli BioThermal launches hubs in Basel, Berlin

Pelican Products’ subsidiary, Peli BioThermal, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of temperature-control packaging, has expanded its Western European presence of service centers, network stations and drop points, with the opening of two service centers: one in Basel, Switzerland, and one in Berlin.

The company opened up similar facilities in Frankfurt in August, and Tokyo last spring. It has also said that facilities will open in Seoul, Dublin, Toronto and Tel Aviv – just a few of the 50-some locations it intends to open by early 2019.

Peli’s products are made for shippers of pharmaceuticals, human and animal tissues, biologics, diagnostics, devices and vaccines. Its new locations will serve as hubs for both the pick-up and return of Peli’s line of reusable, rentable temperature-controlled packaging, from parcel to pallet sizes.


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