Qantas Freight and the Australia Post Group extend partnership

Qantas Freight and the Australia Post Group today announced a five-year AUD$500 million extension of their international mail air freight agreement. Under the current agreement, Qantas Freight handles 12,000 tonnes of mail and parcels out of Australia on an annual basis, making this the largest air freight contract in Australia.

The new contract builds on a prior one, signed in June last year, that kept Qantas on as the exclusive carrier of Australia’s mail and parcels through to 2020. The deal included Qantas freighters as well as belly space in domestic Qantas and Jetstar passenger aircraft.

Bob Black, StarTrack CEO and executive general manager for parcel and e-commerce services explained that the deal gave Australian business access to “global reach through existing partnerships with key e-commerce platforms, postal and freight providers.” StarTrack is an Australian transport and logistics company owned by Australia Post. Black added that the deal, “will help Australian businesses and consumers buy and sell goods internationally with confidence, and complements our unrivalled domestic capability.”

In addition to standard postal service such as letters, the agreement includes moving international parcels on the Qantas Group’s more than 1,500 international weekly flights. The Australian carrier pointed out that its interline agreements with other carriers gave the Australia Post Group world-wide access.

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