Rapiscan gets TSA green light for explosive detection system

California-based security equipment and systems company Rapiscan Systems has received the United States Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) approval for its Rapiscan Systems RTT 110 Explosive Detection System (EDS) machine. The RTT 110 is the first high-speed Computed Tomography EDS to be approved on the TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL), according to the company.

The RTT 110 machine scans cargo passing under it on a conveyer belt to produce a 3D image of parcels within one second of scan departure. Each machine can scan up to 2,500 parcels an hour and use an algorithm paired with scanned images to avoid false alarms. Should suspicious cargo be identified by the system, it will notify a human operator so the parcel may be further inspected. The system is aimed at increasing efficiency for users while ensuring security of cargo, all of which moving to, from or through the United States will require mandatory screening by a product listed on the latest TSA ACSTL by February 2021.

Rapiscan Systems completed its testing process with the TSA last month. With the new approval of the TSA, Rapiscan Systems now plans to test the RTT 110 in further field testing.

In addition to its recent acquisition of the U.S. TSA’s approval, the RTT 110 is also approved by comparable regulations in the European Union, United Kingdom, Italy and France.

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