Spanish logistics alliance to collaborate on full-service supply chain services

Valencia-based Milestone Logistics has launched a partnership, called the “360 Alliance,” with four other logistics firms, to offer full supply-chain services, including logistics consulting, international transport, warehouse logistics and packaging.

Led by Milestone, the group includes 3PL firms Gesprolog, Aza Logistics, Alfilpack and Mulem. The cooperation is the first Spanish collaborative logistics alliance created to offer this type of service.

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With an aggregate turnover of €17.5 million, the alliance combines the resources of four relatively small players in the freight business, allowing the group to compete in a market dominated by firms with billion-euro turnovers.

On the logistics side, the partnership intends to combine its resources to eliminate extra costs and “help clients create more efficient and sustainable organizations.” The 360 Alliance incorporates an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is connected to major ports, shipping lines and airports, and is integrated into customs systems.

The 360 Alliance will manage outsourced logistics and use a multi-material packaging approach, depending on the supply-chain requirements of each customer.

Milestone Logistics’ general manager, Santiago Fernández, explained that the alliance was, “a way to retain customers beyond cost, due to the range of services and the specialization that we will able to offer and how we will operate.” Fernández added that the alliance was based on “full cooperation and total transparency between the companies that form it.”

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