Swiss WorldCargo inks Va-Q-tec container agreement

SWISS Va-Q-Tec_Ahwin Bhat_Dominic HydeSwiss WorldCargo recently signed a partnership agreement with container manufacturer Va-Q-tec to provide passive temperature-controlled ULDs for the transport of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive goods. The signing ceremony was held at the Zurich offices of Swiss WorldCargo’s parent company, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

“Va-Q-tec has been requested by pharma customers to establish a partnership with Swiss WorldCargo to enable direct container rentals,” said Dominic Hyde, managing director of Va-Q-tec, Ltd. “Many pharma shippers and forwarders see the cargo division of SWISS as a strategic partner for reliably transporting pharmaceuticals, and they want the simplicity of ordering the Va-Q-tainer containers through the airline directly.”

Va-Q-tec offers an “advanced passive solution portfolio” of hard-shell containers that can accommodate up to two pallets at once and maintain temperatures ranging from -70°C to 25°C. The containers can be delivered to their customers fully temperature preconditioned for one-way rental shipments for more than  five days on global lanes.

Under the agreement, the global product launch will take place in June, with Swiss WorldCargo and Va-Q-tec continuing to serve existing customers in the meantime.

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